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Advertisements are anexcellent way for the websites that provide free services but when it comes to YouTube, we can’t just wait 20-30 seconds for each of our favorite videos just to see annoying repetitive ads. It can be very frustrating & maybe often distract you and your excitement for the videos.

Fortunately,for Google Chrome users there is an extension called ‘YouTube Options’ on Google Chrome Store, which will allow you to skip the YouTube ads and get straight to the videos.



YouTube advertisements running along with videos might just be a waste of time. Most of the Google Chrome developers who make browser extensions are focusing on YouTube and as a result they’ve came up with extensions that will allow you to bypass any ads or other distractions like auto play, annotations and comments, while watching videos on YouTube.


To remove ads from YouTube, first you will need to grab ‘YouTube Options’ extension from the Chrome Web Store (See the image below). When the window pops out, simply click on ‘Add to Chrome’. If you want .crx file visit YTO website.


YouTube Options (a.k.a YTO) will give you the power to “disable ads, annotations, and auto play, change resolution, display size, hide contents, etc…”

The extension itself says disable annoying things in YouTube and other video sites.

Go to your favorite videos on YouTube & see the upper right corner on the address bar, there is an icon YTO. Left click on it & select ‘Options’. Alternately you can get YTO options from the Chrome extension tab (chrome://extensions/).


Now the best part is you need to just select ‘Hide in-video ads, annotations, and closed-captions’ option to hide YouTube ads.


4Refresh the YouTube page to skip ads forever.


You can customize YouTube layout, hide contents, and change video settings, dim background and use this extension for other sites too.

Customize YouTube with Chrome Extension

  • Resize and move media contents on web pages.
  • Darken or Dim everything on the page except the media content.
  • Block annoying advertisements on the page.
  • Pop out contents out of the page.

YouTube Options for Google Chrome was actually built to work for any website video such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitter, Metacafe, etc.., but most of the features are dedicated to YouTube.So, no more waiting to see your favorite videos. Just install the extension and say ‘goodbye’ to those annoying ads.


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