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Regarding The Device

An electronic notebook is a very popular electronic device which has widely replaced the conventional use of the paper notebooks in offices, laboratories and various other workplaces. The electronic notebook is also known as ELN. It is a computer programmed electronic integrated circuit (IC) chip with very good memory capacity. All types of important documents and databases can be safely stored in the memories of the electronic notebooks. Each and every data can be retrieved very easily and fast from the huge databases inside the notebook software. Data and information can also be regularly updated in these devices. Some of common types of electronic notebooks are described below.

High Memory Electronic Notebook

1Reputed multinational electronic companies of the world have introduced these types of notebook for various uses. The best features of the device are as follows: 

  • Intel I3 core processor
  • 4GB memory
  • Hard drive of 500GB capacity
  • Processor speed of 2.40 GHz
  • Screen size of 15.6 inches
  • Windows 8 operating system (OS)

These are highly durable electronic devices with high resolution LED touchscreen features. The body of the device is very strong without any damages.

Mini Notebook

3The device is a smaller version of the electronic notebooks. The various features include 10.5 inches of touchscreen of the LED type, Mini NB305-N440BN model, 250 GB memory capacity, very high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection, wide screen display with megapixels of resolution, webcam, speaker, advanced operating system software and many more. These are available in numerous colours and designs. The devices are small and slim in size. These require a very little space to use. The electronic devices are light weight and very easy in using and handling. These are highly portable, flexible and durable. Any types of software can be easily installed in the system.

Dual Core Electronic Notebook

It is one of the most technically advanced types of the electronic notebooks. The various features of the device are AMD Dual Core system, 1.30 GHz processor speed, 4GB memory, 15.6 “ careen size, hard drive capacity of 320 GB, windows 8 operating system (OS) software, 2000-2b19wm model, etc. The other common features are high-speed internet, DVD drives, audio system, webcams, touch and waterproof LED screen, high capacity, etc. Thus, these electronic notebooks are beneficial for all types of official and personal uses for all kinds of professionals.

Gateway Notebook

2It is a very advanced type of electronic notebook model in the global electronic market. The model is NV53 with 15.6” of wide LED touchscreen display. It operates on windows 7 system with integrated and on-board graphics. The body of the device is totally resistant to scratches due to mechanical pressure. The body colors are also very gorgeous and attractive. It has a processor speed of 2GHz with 4GB memory. The processor type is AMD Athlon 64 X2. The hard drive has 500GB capacity.

All the types of electronic notebooks mentioned above are available at the most reasonable prices from reputed brands in the market.



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